Thursday, September 25, 2008

A New Kind of Sewing ...

So ... I got stitches yesterday. 9 of them. yep. I would have posted pictures of them, except I think that would be a little crazy ... and gross.

I've decided that I don't enjoy getting stitches. This is only the second time I've ever had to have them ... the first being about 15 years ago, and even then I think I only had like 4. I don't know how I've made it through 32 years without having more experience in the matter ... my brother Scottie has had all sorts of stitches. There was that pogo-stick incident when we lived in WV that required stitches in his bottom lip, and then there was the time he put a glass tube through his hand in chemistry class, and the time he had to have his appendix taken out, and the time he majorly cut his thumb while trying to fix a sprinkler head, and on and on ... it must be a guy thing.

Since I'm really afraid of any and all medical procedures, my sweet sister in law came with me for moral support. She even offered to hold my hand during the process, but I figured that if I took her up on it, it would make me a full-fledged baby. So instead I just cringed and whimpered through the entire thing ... not sure how that makes me less of a baby, but whatever. Oh ... and just so you know ... Suzanne watched the doctor stitch me up and thought it was cool! Amazing.

So, today I have 9 stitches ... 4 in my arm and 5 in my back ... and I'm missing two moles that I've had all my life. I know it's silly, but I kind of miss them! But, the doctor said they had to go, and I listened. Let's just hope the only sewing fun I have from now on is in my studio, and not in a doctor's office.

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