Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Creation ...

Last year, for Christmas, my boss gave me a super-fun belt that his mom-in-law made. It's made from two coordinating ribbons, and it's reversible. It's super-cute. I should have taken pictures to go along with this post, but I forgot. So ... just imagine a cute teal & green polka-dotted belt (teal, green & brown swirlies on the reverse side) with a brown tortoise shell buckle. I love it.

Anyway ... I kept looking at it and thinking that I could make one similar, with a few modifications. I struggled to come up with the perfect fabrics ... I didn't want to do the predictable red or brown or black. I tend to gravitate to those colors, and I just *hate* being a foregone conclusion. SO ... I looked through my stash and found some fun fabrics that I picked up at Mary Jo's last year. I cut some strips, applied some interfacing, sewed some seams, attached a buckle, and voila ... a fun reversible belt! What do you think?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors in these fabrics! They are so bright and vivid! And, they go perfectly with my new green shirt. (We wore green uniforms in high school and when I graduated, I swore off green forever, but I'm starting to get back into it, and am LOVING that it's in style this Fall!) Yes, I used to model as a child. Can you tell? ha!

And do you know the BEST part about this belt? I can change the buckle on it any time I want to (well, that is ... I could change it if I had another buckle!). I plan to look for buckles on my next shopping excursion. I love versatility.

Here's a closer view of the belt ... I took a whole bunch 'o photos, but many came out blurry. Apparently, I still have not mastered the new camera. I'm thinking I needed to use the automatic depth of field option to get the whole belt in focus??? Anyone know?

Anyway, I think I'll tweak a couple of things with this belt pattern, but I can definitely see lots of new belts in my future!

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Kristin said...

Very cute! I love the fabric that you used!