Monday, August 11, 2008

The Spider Chronicles

This past Saturday morning, having not yet truly recovered from the whole brown widow appearance at my office, I awoke to find this ginormous banana spider on my bedroom window. Now, I know you can't tell how huge this spider is from the picture, but it is seriously the size of the palm of my hand. YIPES!

Anyway, from reading about banana spiders, I know that they are really not harmful to humans ... unlike good 'ole Charlotte at my office. However, in taking some photos of my new "friend," I did notice that he has some pretty big fangs on him??!!?? Do you see them from this attempt at a profile shot? good heavens.

And ... what's up with the huge caccoon-y thing stuck to the window screen directly above Mr. Spider's web?? Please tell me this is not the leftovers from today's lunch.

What is it with me and spiders these days??!!?? I think I've had enough.

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