Monday, July 14, 2008

Starbucks Bling

Remember when I went on that fabric shopping spree not long ago? I know, I know ... you're thinking "She goes on so many of them ... just which one is she referring to?" You're right ... I should be more specific. So ... remember when I went on this shopping spree not long ago?

Well, I think I mentioned in my post that I had some plans for the super-fun red & white fabrics, so I figured I'd share the final product of one of my projects ...

Oh Yeah ... it's reversible!! I'm diggin' the red background better than the white, but it's nice to know I can change it up if I'm feeling like something different. Note the added bling with the little red beads along the top. I guess you could call this my "dressy" coffee cozy. Ha!

And, please ... no comments about the fact that the Starbucks cup is empty. I cannot be expected to refrain from drinking my frappucino for the entire photo shoot, people ... I mean, let's be reasonable!

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