Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be Stylish While You Save the Planet!

So, I've been trying to be more "green" lately. I mean, it IS the responsible thing to do, and we must take care of this beautiful earth that God has given us. I have to admit that changing things up after this many years of routine has been hard (Yes - Ani - I admit that I still have a long way to go), but I have found that a motivating factor has been making things that are FUN and STYLISH while still being environmentally friendly! Baby steps, people.

My first step was the coaster I made for my desk in place of the 723 cocktail napkins that I would use under my drink every day. Ani told me once that paper napkins are the worst offender when it comes to being wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. I was pretty proud of myself when I made this step.

The next step I took was creating a whole assortment of coffee cozies, which I use faithfully in place of the cardboard sleeves they give you at Starbucks these days. And, you know, with my addiction to Starbucks, I figure I probably save at least 150 sleeves a year (plus the ones that my friends are saving since they received a coffee cozy from me ... like this one and this one). That's got to count for something!

SO ... naturally, when I was looking for another earth-friendly project, I decided to make these super-fun REVERSIBLE grocery bags!!!

I love them. I actually look forward to going to the grocery store just so I can carry one of these bags with me. They are designed just exactly like a regular plastic grocery bag. In fact, I just took an Earthfare bag and cut it apart and used it as a pattern. Easy as pie. AND ... the cashiers at Publix and Walmart don't scowl at me, because my bags fit right into their little plastic bag holder while they are filling them with food ... unlike the normal canvas bags you can buy at tons of stores these days.

The hardest part was figuring out how to make them reversible. In the end, I got to use my little metal snap tool. I had been intimidated by it before, but not anymore ... it's so easy to use! By the way ... I made the switch to organic milk about 6 months ago, and I don't ever want to go back. It's so tasty, and SO MUCH better for you than regular milk!!!

I made two more, too ... one with pink flowers on it and the other with blue paisley (the same as my new purse).

What do you think? Would you use these, or are they too flashy? I was also thinking they'd be fun out of linen.


Andrea said...

Do you think everything could go in these, including meat?? This is the one thing that has kept me from making the total switch to the reusable bags. Keep the creativity coming... you are such an inspiration!

Sara said...

Yep! I sure do! These bags are made out of cotton, so they are totally washable ... it might be a good idea to use one just for meats, and then make sure to wash it in hot water regularly to kill the bacteria. And, I would probably keep my raw veggies out of that bag, too, just as a precaution.

Thanks for your encouragement, Andrea! You rock.

mary said...

I would totally use these, Sara!! I am switching over to the reusable bags too, although I always manage to leave them in the car... Anyway, I'd LOVE to have such a fashionable selection, which would motivate me NOT to leave them in the car! :-) Great work!!! Makes me wish I was talented like you...

Sara said...
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Sara said...

awwwww ... thanks, Mary! I leave mine in the car sometimes too. I just need to get into the habit!!

Eowyn's Heir said...

ok, so now that you've gone to organic milk, you're only a step away from this-- RAW milk! (or at least raw cheese) It's harder and harder to find these days, and organic milk is a good intermediate, but the pasteurization is really deadly to the milk (and the ultra-pasteurized... I don't even wanna think about it). But the research I've done suggests that the processed milk, even if it's organic, is pretty hard on your system! Check it out! And... very cute bags :)