Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My little piece of Heaven

I believe God gives us little glimpses of Heaven here on earth. Sometimes it's in a sunset or other manifestation of his glory in creation. Other times, it is in the warmth of a friendship or the smile of a baby or the beauty of a worshipful wedding ceremony. In all these, there is joy in seeing God exalted through some part of His creation. Each glimpse demonstrates a part of who He is and points us to the ultimate joy of seeing Him face-to-face in Heaven and knowing Him completely. For me, I see heaven when people are doing things that the Lord has given them a passion and a talent for. When Cheryl sings, I see heaven. When Jodi uses her wisdom to counsel others, I see heaven. When Deb extends a warm hand of welcome to strangers, I see heaven. There is glory in being what we were created to be.

For me ... I believe I was created (among other things!) to sew. It sounds dorky, I know ... but I am happiest when I am being creative in my studio. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it! My hope is that the Lord can use my sewing for His glory, in whatever way He chooses. I pray that He is pleased when I use this passion He has given me, and that He is exalted by my work. And I pray that - in some small way - my sewing will advance His Kingdom.

This month, the local Quilters Guild is featuring photos of different people's sewing studios, and I am one of them! So, here are the pictures I submitted of my little piece of Heaven :

This is the cabinet that stores all my reference books and my buttons, beads, etc... It also holds all my craft supplies and patterns as well as my various sewing machines. (you can never have too many, right?)

This is my work area. The shelves behind my machine hold my fabric stash (which is starting to get ridiculous) and materials for projects I am currently working on. Note the fun clock that my awesome sister in law made me for christmas ... love it! And my LONG to-do list on the wall below!

This is my creative wall ... with my work boards that I use to lay out different projects. The spiral quilt is one of my moms ... I love the colors in it!


Suzanne said...

Okay, Sara....you def. need a new ironing board! :)

Sara said...

i know!!! i just need to go to Target and buy one. it's pretty bad, huh?

Happy Zombie said...

Beautiful and heavenly post Sara! I agree with you on so many levels.