Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quote of the Day

My brother Scottie very graciously brought me lunch at my office today. Isn't he awesome? Every girl should have an older brother like him. Seriously. Anyway ... because I rarely see him without his children running around screaming, pulling at his coat-tails and begging him to play Wii, it was a real treat to sit down over some yummy food and have an actual conversation with him. We talked about work and family and things going on in our lives. We talked about how sad we were that the Packers aren't going to the Superbowl and debated whether Favre would retire or come back for another season. Everything was really very pleasant. Then ... for no apparent reason, my brother (otherwise referred to as "Mr. Doom & Gloom" for the rest of the post) started telling me about all this information he had read about some island off the west coast of Africa that is slipping into the sea, and how one earthquake in the region could send a "mega-tsunami" across the Atlantic Ocean which would wipe out the entire Eastern seaboard. Seriously??!!?? Mr. Doom & Gloom proceeded to tell me all about the science behind a mega-tsunami and why it is a troubling possibility in the future. He used details ... I mean, there were graphs and diagrams involved. Encyclopedia Brittanica should seriously consider hiring him. As I sat there wondering why I needed to know this information, and how it could possibly help my already freakish tendency to worry about the littlest thing, Mr. D&G offers a word of encouragement ... He says that we really don't need to worry about the mega-tsunami, because what will more probably wipe out the entire human race would be what is called a "super-volcano," like the one under YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK!!! What??!!?? When I asked him for more information on the super-volcano, his reply was
"Well, I don't really understand super-volcanoes as well as I understand mega-tsunamis ..."


Suzanne said...

That's it! I'm calling Direct TV tomorrow and cancelling our subscription to the Science Channel! The only thing this story needs is a mutant giant crocodile/dinosaur/spider hybrid!

Amy said...

NO he's telling the truth about the one under Yellowstone. The reason geysers are in Yellowstone is that there is a volcanoe underneath it to heat the hot Mammoth and other Springs. Some people believe that one day, because this volcanoe is under the state just bubbling away and boiling hotly, that it will explode and cover the entire NorthWest of America in hot molten lava. lol. Nice to know, huh? My husband just shared this info with me about three weeks ago. Very settling info.