Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Comfy Camera Strap Cover

My friend Deb is a photographer. Well ... maybe not professionally, but she ALWAYS has her Canon Rebel xTi attached to her hip, and is constantly pulling it out to "capture the moment," as they say. She is actually the reason that I opted for the Rebel when I purchased my camera last year.

Anyway ... anyone who owns a Rebel knows that the strap it comes with is super-uncomfortable. Mine is constantly scratching the back of my neck ... so much so that I have stopped putting the strap over my head. One of these days I'm going to drop the thing because I refused to have the strap touching me!

For Deb's birthday recently, I decided to be kind to her neck and make her a camera strap cover. Here it is ...

The padded strap just wraps around the thick portion of the camera strap.
It's quilted and cushy.
I love this blue and green fabric ... I had to buy it and make something out of it!

It's completely reversible ... this side has Deb's name on it. (of course!)

A little close-up.
I love velcro ... makes things SO easy!


mary said...

If it wasn't so tacky, I would mention the important facts that I always have my Canon XTi attached to my hip, and MY birthday is this Sunday... But, that would be just plain tacky!! :-) As always, your work is amazing!

Sara said...

Kate! That is hysterical! It doesn't have to be your birthday for me to make you one, of course, but happy early birthday! :o)

mary said...

I am not trying to manipulate you into making something for me, Sara! Just wanted to point out those key facts though. :-)

mary said...

More importantly, I should mention that my XTi strap has actually never bothered me! I guess I'm so used to having numerous small children and heavy diaper bags hanging from my neck that I don't notice such a light object as the camera! :-)

Sara said...

ha! that's funny, kate ... i guess in light of everything you have going on all the time, a slightly uncomfortable camera strap is no big deal. :o)