Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Color Me Happy

My very best friend from college and her family were visiting from Philly, and I decided it would be nice to make her children a gift for when they arrive. (In reality, I was just trying to buy their affection ... I was afraid they wouldn't like me!!)

Anyway ... I went to the fabric store and picked out some happy Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett fabrics (and some others that I don't remember the name of), and set to work ...

Don't the colors in these fabrics just make you happy??

I decided to keep it simple and make the same thing for all three children.
Again ... I wanted them to like me. And, how could they like me if they were disapponted that their brother or sister got a cooler gift than they did?
(Of course, I didn't consider the possibility that they might all three dislike their gifts ...)

Have you guessed what they are yet??

Crayon Rolls!!!
Suzanne let me borrow a quilting magazine that had the directions,
and I tweaked them a little bit to fit what I was wanting to do.
Pay no attention to how sad my crayons look ... I didn't have time to run to the store and buy brand new pointy crayons for the photo shoot. Just consider them well-loved and much-used!
Mary's children love to draw in their nature books, so I thought they might each appreciate having their own portable crayon holder to carry with them.

This one reminds me of ice cream. Yum.

This is the one I made for their son ... I figured it was boyish enough.
(at least I hope it is!)

And, the best part of the whole project ...
I personalized them!
They each have their names appliqued on the back!
I always LOVED having things with my name on them when I was growing up, and I thought it would make for a more special gift.

I'll let you know how they liked them after their visit!


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

you always come up with the coolest ideas! I bet the kids (and parents) will love this gift. Very thoughtful!

mary said...

Have a GREAT visit with the Foremans! Can I bring my kids for a visit next? We would LOVE some personalized crayon pouches!!! :-)

Eowyn's Heir said...

this would totally have bought my affection as a child. Irrevocably! Seriously-- how could those little cute good sports NOT like their Auntie Sara??? I'm so jealous that they're coming to visit YOU! When are they going to come visit me!?? *pouts * P.S. did you know I'm going to have my own baby soon!??? Yep, September 28th is the projeted "d-day"

Sara said...

WoW! How nice you all are!!!
Mary : I have to confess that I don't know who you are ... i thought at first you were mary scott, but you couldn't be, based on your comment. ha!
Christina : I *did* know you were pregnant! i read your blog. :o) congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!

MSF said...

We love them!!! They have had them out all day! Thanks again, Roomie!!!
Hope you got to recouperate before work today!!

MSF said...

By the way, that other "mary" is Kate. :)

Sara said...

ohhhhhhh kate. ok. that makes sense now!
glad they liked the crayon rolls! yahoo!!!!

mary said...

Sorry! I didn't mean to be mysterious -- that's the way Google/Blogger automatically identifies me because of my Gmail address. :-)

Sara said...

no worries! i was a little spooked by how many details you knew about me and my friends and stuff ... but it's completely understandable! :o)
hope you're doing well, kate!