Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mission Impossible

So ... on the way to lunch today, I was having a conversation with Ani about giving up something for Lent. She told me that I should consider giving up frappucinos. I immediately looked at her like she had 6 eyes and a mustache. SERIOUSLY???!!?? um ... No Way. I mean, really. 40 days without frappucinos?? Impossible. Of course, Raymond chimed in and said that given my "sin patterns" I should give up frappucinos AND doritoes ... I think that's going a bit far, don't you??

Then, I got to thinking ... even though I'm not Catholic anymore, I still recognize that giving up something for Lent can be a good thing. If we sacrifice something that is dear to us, it is a good reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross on our behalf. Think about it ... He gave up His seat in heaven to come to earth as a man and died in order to make us right with God. Sacrifice gets our focus off ourselves and helps us to turn our eyes to Him in worship as we realize how HUGE His sacrifice was ... not to mention how much it helps to prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter. When I think of it that way, giving up frappucinos is the least I could do.

So, wish me luck, y'all ... I'm gonna do it! No frappucinos for 40 days!!! (better sell your Starbucks stock now, before it plummets tomorrow!)

And, in the spirit of Mardi Gras, I'm off to go get one last frappucino ...


MSF said...

What happened to Dr. Pepper?! Is Starbucks open on Easter morning??

MSF said...

I gave up Lent for Lent...(Matt)